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High Carbon Steel Alloys bars and rods

What is High Carbon Steel?

High carbon steel can be heat treated and has a carbon content in the range of 0.3 to 1.7%. The term free-cutting steel can also be used in relation to non-stainless steel alloys. With increasing carbon content, the steel becomes stronger and harder, but also less deformable and brittle due to heating. Due to its hardness and wear resistance, a high carbon steel is used to make a variety of tools, such as metal or wood cutting tools, drills, knives and saws.

Hardenable high carbon steel alloys

Alloyed steels contain different amounts of alloying elements, such as e.g. chromium, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, manganese, carbon. By analyzing the desired requirements and specifications, the appropriate metal alloy can be selected. We store a wide range of high carbon steels, some grades are LAW 100 X (~1095)Labor Pb (~ 1065 / ~ 1095 (+S)) and SWT 60 Pb (1,0758).

L. Klein AG is a reliable supplier of hardenable high carbon steels in bars and spools, also available in small quantities. Our multilingual team ensures expert advice. The local Swiss market is supplied with its own delivery service, but we also deliver our steels to the EU and even worldwide. The European customers mainly come from Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.


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