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High Carbon Tool Grade Steel and Alloys, L. Klein SA

High carbon tool steel is used as a definition for hard and scratch resistant steel, especially suited for the production of steel tools. Tools made from high carbon tool steel are high speed steel tools (hss steel) and tools for cutting, bending, drilling, machining and mold making. A large variety in alloy combinations is possible, all achieving different properties.

High carbon tool steel is available in stock as bars / rods.

Properties of High Carbon Tool Steel

High Carbon Tool Steel is referring to Tool steel grades with high carbon and manganese levels. One of the main features is the high wear resistance after heat treatment.

High carbon tool steel means a high level of carbon in the steel composition. In general high carbon steel contains a Carbon level from 0.60 to 1.00% and containing a manganese level from 0.30 to 0.90%. The strength of carbon steel directly depends on the Carbon and Manganese levels, higher levels mean harder steel. We offer a wide variety of high carbon tool steel, some popular grades are LAW 100 X (1.1268)LAW100 PB (1.1268+Pb)Labor Pb (1.0759) and SG-Extra (1.2516)CCV-120 (1.2210)CCR-1150 (1.3505).

High Carbon Steel vs. Stainless Steel

The main alloy of high carbon tool steel is carbon, stainless steel however has a high chromium level (Cr > 13%) which prevents formation of stains and corrosion.

We at L. Klein SA are reliable suppliers of High Carbon Tool Steel. You can order the steel even in small quantities, and in different forms like bars, rods and coils. We offer reliable shipping and superb and multilingual support. For the local Swiss market we have our own delivery service, but we supply our steels over the entire EU and even worldwide. In the EU our main customers are located in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.


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