Titanium is a silvery shining metal with a very high corrosion and temperature resistance, high strength and low density. Titanium is classified as light metal, it is very precious and used in various branches of industry, especially in medical and dental technology and in the aerospace industry.

Titanium properties and alloys

Titanium is a chemical element with silver metallic glow, it is strong and light.
If one compares strength to weight, it is the strongest metal and can be processed into even stronger alloys.

Titanium is mainly used as an alloy component for steel. Even in low concentrations, it makes steel more ductile, stronger and tougher. Titanium alloys are usually classified with the USA standard ASTM grades from 1 to 39.

Applications of titanium

Titanium is biocompatible and non-magnetic, this is why it’s used more and more in the medical sector. As it is not toxic and doesn’t react allergenic, it easily integrates into our body. Titanium alloys are very expensive and are therefore only used for products with the highest requirements.

Due to the qualities mentioned above, it is very popular for implants and also for prostheses, since no interactions with bones or other body tissues are to be expected. Titanium prostheses are light, wear-resistant and durable. It is also used for screws and brackets, as well as for medical instruments and in dentistry (dental implants, crowns and bridges).
Another area of application is the micromechanics, e.g. in the watch industry, for clockwork components and accessories.

Titanium grades

L. Klein SA keeps the most common types of titanium in stock.

Titan Grade 2 is a pure titanium grade, it is vacuum melted and remelted twice.
Titan Grade 4 is a grade of high quality and strength, it is melted and remelted in a vacuum arc (VLB).
Titan Grade 5 ELI is the world’s most consumed Ti alloy, it is VAR melted and remelted.
TITAN Grade Nb is an alloy that consists exclusively of biocompatible alloy elements. It is melted and remelted by VLB.

L. Klein AG is known as a reliable supplier of these various titanium grades for over 20 years. In particular, they serve the medical and watch industry. They store round profiles in bars and rings, available with special requirements, such as small diameters and tight tolerances. Furthermore they offer excellent multilingual customer support and secure shipping. Even the smallest quantities are delivered. Local customers are supplied by their own transportation system, within the EU as well as worldwide delivery is carried out by external shipping agencies.


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