Company Philosophy

The most important principle is the quality of life. This has to be appropriate for everyone: the company; the employees, the customers and the suppliers.

Our philosophy is:

  • to satisfy individual customer needs through a cooperative staff
  • to have a well stocked warehouse to optimise availability
  • to maintain the highest quality standard possible with our supplier

Only reliable suppliers with outstanding quality products guarantee loyal customers.

In an effort to care for the environment, the company uses natural resources like wood, rainwater and solar power combined with modern technology.

Quality Policy


The managing directors are responsible for maintaining an active quality and occupational safety management system. By using measurable targets, we want to verify, confirm or, if necessary, correct the company specifications.

Customer orientation/customer satisfaction

Thanks to clear, transparent organisation and short communication channels, we are able to meet the constantly changing customer requirements flexibly, quickly and reliably. Our customers can rely on us to deliver the required quality of material, in the quantity ordered, and at the right time.


All employees are actively supported in their professional development. To achieve this, they are included in the decision-making and trained in relevant matters regarding quality and occupational safety at the appropriate level based on their roles/tasks. Communication with the public (authorities) and our employees represent the basis for trust in our responsible actions.

Working together with suppliers/authorities

Our suppliers are our partners with whom we aim to meet our customers’ demanding requirements through close and sustainable collaboration. Where necessary, we involve authorities, associations and other interested groups of individuals in order to specifically meet requirements concerning environmental and occupational safety.

Legal conditions

As a matter of course, we comply with the relevant legal and official specifications/requirements regarding environmental and occupational safety. We undertake to continuously improve our environmental performance to the best of our ability. We also strive to avoid any unnecessary environmental pollution. Unnecessary risks with regards to health protection and/or occupational safety are eliminated or reduced in a targeted manner. Life and health are more important than any economic aspects.

Process management/process reliability

Suitable solutions based on customer requirements, taking into account economic aspects, are defined in order to meet the relevant specifications. Various processes are applied in line with the principle of continuous improvement, whereby the focus is on avoiding errors. Process management is an important element in avoiding accidents involving people and ensuring active health protection.

Continuous improvement

The functionality and effectiveness of the management system is checked on an ongoing basis and verified by means of regular audits. Where necessary, measures are derived in order to achieve the continuous improvement of our activities, both for ourselves and for the benefit of our customers.