Brief description
Klein designation: CHRONIFER SUPRA
Metal class: Austenitic stainless steel
Material number: 1.4301 – 1.4306 – 1.4307
Standard ISO: X 5 CrNi 18-10 / X2 CrNi 19-11 /
X5 CrNi 18-9
AMS: QQ S-763
ASTM: F-899 / A582/A582M / A276 / A959
UNS: S30400 / S30403
DIN: EN 10088-3
Machinability: from satisfactory to good
Hardening capability: cannot be hardened
Forming: can be cold formed
Work hardening: can be cold worked
Polishing: adapted to mirror polishing
Corrosion resistance: from satisfactory to good in the polished
and passivized condition
Magnetism: can present traces of magnetism
Uses: Parts for numerous branches of the